Inside: At Home with Great Designers, published by Phaidon, takes a reader on a visit to famous interior designers. Sixty creative artists and interior decorators open the doors to their homes and show where and how they live. From city homes to country houses, bungalows to palaces, these stunning places are located all over the world. With its eye-catching pictures, the book offers inspiration and unique ideas for anyone interested in interior design.

This revelatory book allows us unique insight into how and where designers live and showcases an inspiring and aspirational kaleidoscope of homes around the world.

Features top contemporary interior designers and decorators in the US, the UK, France, Italy, and many other countries across the world and the homes of such leading international design talents as Brigette Romanek, Roman and Williams, Sheila Bridges, Darryl Carter, Sig Bergamin, and Joseph Dirand.

Inside: At Home with Great Designers




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