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A pouf is the perfect companion for a lounge chair. Poufs and ottomans allow you to raise your legs up and relax, and they can also function as handy extra stools by low tables. We have collected a large selection of poufs and ottomans in Nordic style. Take a good seat, place your legs on a pouf and enjoy!

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Decorate with designer poufs and ottomans 

Poufs, ottomans and footstools are extremely versatile pieces of furniture that cater for a range of different needs. A footrest allows you to raise your feet to a relaxing angle when lounging on a couch or armchair, and ottomans can also serve as extra tables or seats if needed. You can also use an ottoman in the bedroom, for example for placing your next day's clothes.

We at Finnish Design Shop have put together a selection of high-quality poufs, ottomans and footstools from the best Scandinavian brands. Whether you’re looking for a leather ottoman, fabric pouf or rattan footstool, we’re got you covered.

What is the difference between an ottoman and a pouf?

The main difference between an ottoman and a pouf is that ottomans are often firmer and larger than more cushion-like poufs. Ottomans might even have small legs, whereas poufs are usually in direct contact with the floor. If you are able to use it as a small table with a tray, we’re probably talking about an ottoman.

What's the purpose of a pouf?

Poufs can have a range of different purposes, but most often they are used as footstools next to a sofa or armchair or as extra seats in a living room or lobby. Soft and lightweight poufs are easy to carry from one room to another when needed, and some poufs might resemble floor cushions or small bean bag chairs. Colourful poufs are also a great seating option for the children’s room. 

Can I use a pouf outdoors?

Definitely! Poufs and ottomans are great for outdoor use, as they are lightweight to move and extremely multifunctional. Just make sure to opt for a pouf that is specifically designed for outdoor use and has a weatherproof fabric that is resistant to water, dirt and mould. To prolong the life of your outdoor pouf, it is highly recommended to store it indoors or protected from the weather.

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