Aura table mirror, stainless steel

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Aura, designed by Bjørn van den Berg for New Works, is a beautiful mirror in the shape of a semi-sphere. Unlike traditional mirrors, Aura is not just a reflecting surface but a tactile, three-dimensional metal object with a simple and sculptural form. The table mirror is designed to fit in two hands and has a pleasant sense of weight. Aura mirror makes a stunning interior element both alone and in clusters.

New Works
Bjørn van den Berg
Stainless steel, iron weight
9 cm
12,7 cm


Bjørn van den Berg

Bjørn van den Berg

Bjørn van den Berg (s. 1988) is a Norwegian designer living is Oslo. He has graduated from Product Design from the Oslo University College, and he designs everyday objects with a drive to extend their lifespan in different ways. Van den Berg is a selected member of Norwegian Designers Union Klubben, and in 2017 he was awarded with the Wallpaper Design Award for his Aerial lamp.

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