Raawii’s Strøm bowl adds a touch of playfulness to your table setting either as a stand-alone item or together with other pieces of the Strøm collection. Due to its sculptural look, the ceramic bowl also works wonderfully as a purely decorative item.

The Strøm collection’s simple yet distinctive shapes are based on cubist still life paintings by Danish artist Vilhelm Lundstrøm. In addition to the geometric shapes typical of early 20th-century cubism, designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen has used the paintings to pick a bunch of beautiful hues for the products. The different but somehow still similar shapes urge you to boldly combine sizes and colours to create your own piece of art, be it on your dining table or as part of your home’s interior.


Strøm bowl, vaporous grey



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Vaporous grey
S: 10 cm, M:13 cm, L: 15 cm
S: 15 cm, M: 19 cm, L: 22 cm
Care instructions
Machine washable, but handwash recommended

Nicholai Wiig Hansen

The Danish designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen opened his own studio when he was 26-years old. He has designed furniture for companies like IKEA and Normann Copenhagen. When Wiig Hansen designs he uses himself as a target group. Proportions are also extremely important to him and he does not add any details if they don’t serve a certain purpos

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