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Fast worldwide delivery to over 180 countries

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Patio furniture

Patio furniture transforms your garden or balcony into a second living room. Well-designed patio furniture is visually pleasing and can easily stand any weather from hot sunshine to sudden showers. Take a look at our wide and colourful range of patio and outdoor furniture from the best brands of Scandinavian design!

If you’re looking for patio furniture for your business, you can request a quote from Finnish Design Shop’s Contract Sales. We supply a great variety of high-quality outdoor furniture for restaurants, hotels and public premises.

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Nordic patio furniture for your summer oasis – welcome to explore our garden furniture shop

Well-made patio furniture beckons you to step into the garden or balcony whenever the mood strikes – be it a serene summer breakfast, a quick coffee break or a late-night garden fiesta. By investing in high-quality, durable and easy-to-maintain garden furniture, you can savour your summer retreat year after year.

How do I choose the right patio furniture?

When selecting new patio furniture, begin by honing in on the material, size and style of the furniture. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Let the location guide the choice of material: a covered and rain-protected terrace allows for a wider range of outdoor furniture options than an entirely exposed backyard.

2. Consider whether you prefer sturdiness and solidity or lightweight and easily movable pieces, such as folding furniture. Size your garden furniture according to your needs and the size of your outdoor area, leaving enough space around the furniture to prevent chairs from hitting the walls.

3. Once you've nailed down the material and size, let's talk colours. Do you fancy natural tones, neutral beige or maybe a vibrant pop of red, blue or green?

4. Take your time to examine different patio furniture collections, considering your future needs as well – if you plan to expand your furniture set in the future, are there suitable pieces available?

Which patio furniture is the most durable?

The most common materials for outdoor furniture include metal, wood and plastic, with weather-resistant versions available for each. Regardless of the material you choose, be sure to read the care instructions well – proper furniture care products and storage will extend the lifespan of the furniture.

• Among metal outdoor furniture, stainless or galvanized steel and aluminium are the superheroes of durability.

• When it comes to wooden outdoor furniture, teak is one of the most robust options due to its hardness and natural oil content. Regularly oiled oak also makes a great choice for outdoor use.

• Natural rattan furniture can last for decades if maintained with care, but it doesn't thrive in direct sunlight or rain.

• Resembling natural rattan, polyethene-made poly rattan is a highly popular, durable and low-maintenance garden furniture material. There are also many other options for plastic outdoor furniture.

Can patio furniture be left outside in winter?

The weather resistance of patio furniture varies depending on the material and climate. However, to ensure the longest lifespan, it's best to store your outdoor furniture protected from frost and moisture. If storing garden furniture indoors isn't possible, keep it under a roof and cover it with a protective cover during the winter. Stainless metals, such as aluminium and stainless or galvanized steel, are among the most weather-resistant materials.

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