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Ceiling lamps

A ceiling lamp is a functional solution when you need good general light, and ceiling lamps are also an easy way to add character to the space. Hang a sculptural ceiling lamp over the dining table or choose small and sleek ceiling lamps for the hallway. Finnish Design Shop provides the most stylish ceiling lamps for every room!

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Modern ceiling lamps and designer ceiling lights in Nordic style

Ceiling lights are the cornerstone of general lighting, and usually, every room has at least one ceiling light socket. At Finnish Design Shop, you can find a whole range of modern ceiling lamps from classic brands of Nordic design to interesting international manufacturers. Our selection ranges from flush-mounted ceiling lights to pendant lamps with multiple colour and material options. Happy ceiling light shopping!

What types of ceiling lights are there?

There are thousands and thousands of different ceiling lights in the world, but they can be categorised into two main types: flush-mounted ceiling lights that can be mounted directly against the ceiling, and pendant lamps that are suspended from the ceiling. The types of flush-mounted lights range from small spotlights and recessed lights to models with large, decorative shades. A ceiling pendant, on the other hand, can its simplest feature just a base and bulb hanging on a cable, but there are also plenty of spectacular chandeliers, eye-catching shade designs and modern track lights consisting of several light units.

How to choose a new ceiling light?

When choosing a ceiling light, start by thinking about your needs: are looking for bright direct light, soft general light, mood light or decorative light – this helps you to narrow down the selection. Also, pay attention to the size of the ceiling lamp: to avoid a cramped feeling, make sure that there is enough empty space around the lamp – and if the space is large, you might even want to opt for a chandelier or mount several ceiling lights into a group. Once you know what type and size you are looking for, you can focus on the fun part: choose the shape, colour and materials according to your own liking and think about how they go together with the existing interior.

How many lumens do I need for a ceiling light?

The lumen value of the ceiling light should be chosen according to the size of the room and the intended use of the lamp. If used as decorative or mood light, choose a LED bulb with a low luminous flux, not more than 250 lumens. A pendant lamp placed hanging over a dining table should be fitted with a bulb with approximately 450 lumens or even more, if the space is large and you also use it for work. Remember that a dimmable ceiling lamp is a great choice when you want to alter the light between soft mood light and brighter general light. If you need a particularly efficient ceiling light for working, go for a lumen value from around 800 up to 2,500, depending on the size of the room. Find out more by checking out our selection of light bulbs.

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