Hem's Beta side table brings a welcome touch of lighthearted playfulness to the interior. A keen eye might find references to the Greek alphabet in the shape and form of the visually pleasing side table, and much like their inspirational counterpart, the Glyph tables are not only skillfully designed but also extremely functional.

You can set the Beta table in three different positions – by turning and tilting the table, it reveals new, usable sides of itself. The Glyph tables, designed by Kwangho Lee, truly are pieces of art materialized into everyday objects.

Glyph Beta side table, pure green


6729,00 NOK


3–4 weeks


Matt green
53 cm

Kwangho Lee

Kwangho Lee (born 1981) is a Korean designer who graduated from Hongik University in Seoul in 2017, majoring in Metal Art and Design. Kwangho Lee became a designer inspired by his grandfather, who was a farmer by profession, but often crafted various everyday objects from natural materials. Motivated by his grandfather's way of appreciating ordinary objects, Kwangho Lee strives to see even the most mundane objects in a new way and often combines different materials in his work to achieve a fresh perspective on them. Kwangho Lee lives and works in Seoul.

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