Cookie policy

Updated May 25, 2018

Finnish Design Shop online services utilize cookies for the development of services, personalization of the general user experience and for targeting advertising and marketing.

Cookies allow the storage of short textual information, such as a browser identifier or choice of language, into the user's browser. For the sake of simplicity, the term "cookie" is used in this policy to refer to other similar technologies in addition to actual cookies. 

Cookie persistence

Cookies can be classified as persistent cookies or session cookies. The cookies used in Finnish Design Shop online services are primarily persistent, meaning they remain available even if the user has visited other sites or closed the browser. Session cookies are available to online services only as long as the user stays in said online service. 

Persistent cookies enable a better user experience and displaying more relevant contents. The persistence of cookies has no effect on the volume of marketing or advertising. 

Data collected through cookies 

Using cookies, data can be collected about users for different purposes. Such data may include the browser or device used, the display size of the device used, or the pages loaded by the user in Finnish Design Shop online services. For more information about collected data, see the Privacy Policy

Cookie purposes

Cookies used in Finnish Design Shop online services have been categorized according to their purpose. Below are examples of the purposes of each cookie category and how the use of cookies in each category affects the user of online services.

Functional cookies are necessary for the functionality of services. These cookies allow various site features, such as signing in, the shopping cart and language selection. 

Targeting cookies enable targeting advertising so that the advertising displayed at our marketing partners' sites is as relevant for the user as possible.

A user may restrict the use of cookies in this category, making the displayed advertising more random.   

Social media cookies may enable the tracking of the user's page visits, if the user is simultaneously signed in to a social media service. 

Location data

Along with cookies, we use IP address-based country-specific location data for things like improving information security and country-specific features, such as displaying a currency known to the customer. Location data is always utilized only on a country level. Country-specific location data is necessary for the functionality of the service. 

A user's ways of influencing the use of cookies

A user of online services has several ways of influencing the use of cookies and other similar technologies in Finnish Design Shop's online services.

Note, however, that in some cases restricting the use of cookies will weaken the quality of online services and may even prevent the use of some features. 

Cookie settings

The user may influence the use of cookies through the cookie settings of their browser or device. Cookie settings are browser or device-specific, so the effects of changes are not only limited to Finnish Design Shop's online services. 

Cookie tool

In the cookie tool, the user may choose which cookies are installed through Finnish Design Shop's web pages. 

Advertising networks

The advertising networks used by Finnish Design Shop give users various opportunities to influence the use of cookies in said advertising network.

Google's targeting of advertising in online services and videos:

Criteo's targeting of advertising in online services:

Tradedoubler's targeting of advertising in online services:

Social media

Finnish Design Shop utilizes social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for targeting marketing and advertising. A user can influence the targeting of advertising by social media through the privacy and advertising settings of said services. 

Data collected by third parties

Finnish Design Shop online services utilize some third-party tools and social media-related add-ons, such as the Like and Share buttons of Facebook and Instagram. These third-party add-ons may collect data about the users of online services for purposes such as recommending content or tracking the number of visitors.

The use of such services is subject to each service provider's terms, which may be checked at said service. Finnish Design Shop accepts no responsibility for the collection or processing of personal data by third parties.