Sofa beds

Our Scandinavian sofa beds are beautifully comfortable pieces with sleek designs and deep, generous cushions. Versatile Nordic style sofa beds are made for ease – providing a place to relax by day and neatly transforming into an extra bed or two by night. These hard-working space savers are perfect for hosting overnight guests where space is at a premium. Shop the selection to find luxury and designer sofa beds from Nordic quality brands.

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Stunningly simple Scandinavian sofa beds—choose the good life

Fall for one of our Nordic sofa beds and enjoy the ease of Scandinavian ingenuity and design, in beautiful high-end materials. Our Scandinavian design sleeper sofas are a great choice for maximizing your space—whether you’re looking to style a dual-function centerpiece in your living room, transforming your home office into an occasional spare room or adding handy extra sleepover space to a kid’s room with a mini sofa bed. Ideal for relaxing by day when used as a standard sofa, our luxury sofa beds focus on comfort to ensure your guests can dream away the night and wake feeling refreshed.

Our collection of designer sofa beds brings to the fore a magical combination of sumptuous, soft fabrics and exquisitely made pared-back frames in high-quality, natural materials like oak, birch and pine. Our Scandi sofa beds are comfortable enough to use as a sofa daily but double as a bed for overnight guests at night.

Sofa bed or day bed

While our range of sleek, open-design day beds offers you the perfect spot for a daytime doze or a comfy reading nook, a sofa bed is a more substantial piece built for you to cosy up on by day and use as a proper bed for overnight stays. Our versatile range of Nordic-style sofa beds offers sofa bed designs that transform into double beds or two single beds—perfect for friends or couples who don’t want to be disturbed by their partner’s tossing and turning. Browse Scandinavian sofa beds that are simple to transform with one easy movement. Storage is taken care of with clever designs that allow you to store and hide away the bed linen away inside when the designer sofa bed is being used as a couch.

Scandi sofa beds gift you a spare room

The days of the spare room are numbered, with more of us working from home and using our extra bedroom every day as a home office. A Scandinavian sofa bed is the perfect addition to a home office. As well as offering a cosy nook for reading or some relaxed laptop work on quieter days, it allows you to easily host friends and family without any disruption to your household. Perfect for a snug or living room—if space is at premium our mini sofa beds are the perfect solution. Invest in beautiful design with a stunning build to make sure you can have the best of both worlds. Deceptively simple designs bring a timeless sense of calm to your spaces, the perfect backdrop to a great night’s sleep.

As comfortable as a standard sofa for sitting, and a normal bed for sleeping

Sitting comfort can be a concern with sofa beds but the high-quality build and design of our luxury sofa beds means you won’t have any worries about your Nordic sofa bed being uncomfortable. Award-winning Scandinavian design places an emphasis on both the quality and build of the frame complemented by generous cushions and easy-to-clean, changeable fabric covers. To dial up the cosiness factor you can opt for Scandi sofa beds in wonderfully soft boucle fabrics. Easily removeable covers and the opportunity to buy spare sets in alternative colors and fabrics allow you to play with your décor and style your Nordic sofa bed according to the season or your mood, just like one of our standard sofas.

How to style your Nordic sofa bed

You can easily create a cosy nest to curl up on with beautiful throws and cushions. Using decorative cushions in interesting shapes and tones will add interest and variety to the look of your designer sofa beds, allowing you to put your own stamp on eternally cool Nordic design. Try a contrasting decorative cushion to introduce energy and personality to your everyday styling of your Nordic sofa bed. Or match your cushions with one of our stunning blankets which can be used as a throw over the sofa and a bed blanket when transformed into a bed.

Build up your perfect décor—popular Scandinavian sofa beds and furniture

We’ve put together a collection of sofa beds, chair beds and accessories from renowned Scandinavian designers. Make sure to check out:

Lundia: minimalist Scandi design at its best—think light wood, soft fabrics and stunningly simple design.
Tapio Anttila Collection: timeless furniture that’s effortlessly functional and continuously strives to push design boundaries.
Northern: elemental, sculptural pieces to complement your sofa bed and bring you joy every day.

Designer sleeper sofas—make use of the space in your home

We all need to optimize the space we have available and opting for a Scandi sofa bed helps make the most of the room you have available, without any compromise:

• Sleek Scandi design creates airy, calm spaces—as a sofa or a bed.
• Convenient and easy-to-use sofa beds gives your room multiple purposes.

For more inspiration on choosing a sofa bed and how to get the most out of your living room space, head on over to our Design Stories. You’ll find up-to-date, tips and ideas on styling your home including a feature on ideas and tips for small living rooms.