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Our Scandinavian ceiling lights will help you achieve perfect ambient light in any room, with impeccable style to boot. Available in pared-back, funky and classic designs, our range of Scandinavian ceiling lights is a simple way to introduce character into your spaces, as well as plenty of light. Whether you’re looking for a stunning designer chandelier to complete your dining area or elegant ceiling lighting for the hallway, Finnish Design Shop has all your lighting needs covered.

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Scandinavian ceiling lighting for every home

Ceiling lights form the basis of your lighting décor—pretty much every room in the house can be fitted with one. At Finnish Design Shop, you can find a whole range of modern ceiling lamps from classic Nordic brands and internationally renowned manufacturers. Our collection includes flush-mounted ceiling lights that are perfect for lower ceilings and pendant lamps in almost every color.

What types of ceiling lights are there?

Ceiling lights can generally be divided into two main categories:

Flush-mounted ceiling lights These are mounted directly against—or into—the ceiling and are popular in hallways and rooms that don’t have high ceilings. Flush-mounted lights range from small spotlights and recessed lights that can work in attic rooms to large, statement shades that are perfect for dining rooms and bedrooms.

Pendant ceiling lights Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling to throw light over the space below. Modern pendant ceiling lights can be very simple—sometimes consisting of just a base and a bulb hanging on funky or feature cable. At Finnish Design Shop you’ll also find plenty of spectacular Scandinavian chandeliers, eye-catching pendant clusters that work well over dining tables and versatile track lights which are great for kitchens.

How to choose a modern ceiling lamp

When choosing your ceiling light, thinking about ambience and purpose is a great place to start. Bedroom lighting tends to be cozy and intimate or you may need bright direct light to work under. These sorts of considerations will help you narrow down your selection and stop you from veering off course. It’s important to note the size and scale of any ceiling lamp you choose. You want it to fit easily into the space, without feeling cramped. Large spaces can look great with a cluster of pendant lights, while ceiling lamps in smaller spaces need to retain sufficient empty space around them.

The fun starts once you know the type and size of ceiling lamp you need. Browse shapes and colors you love until you discover one that goes with your existing décor. Here at Finnish Design Shop you’ll also find Scandi-style ceiling lights in a wide choice of attractive materials, including Brass, Chrome and Glass. Our article on 9 tips for home lighting is a perfect way to start the playful process of fine tuning your home lighting.

International and Scandinavian ceiling lighting from top designers

The Finnish Design Shop collection features classic and modern ceiling lamps from big names in the Scandinavian design world and beyond, including:

Alvar Aalto
Constance Guisset
Jacob Rudbeck

How many lumens do I need for a ceiling light?

The lumen value of your ceiling light should be chosen according to the size of the room and the intended use of the light. Here are some helpful guidelines according to the planned purpose of the light:

Decorative/ mood light: choose an LED bulb with a low luminous flux, no more than 250 lumens.

Pendant lamp over a dining table: A bulb with around 450 lumens or more will work well.

Study/ Work light: Depending on the size of the room, you should be looking for a bulb with 800–2,500 lumens.

Check out our light bulb selection to find your perfect match!

Find your ceiling light inspiration

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