Warm Nordic’s Twirling Bird is a charming collection of wooden birds designed by Jacob Hermann. The first birds were created in the 1950’s out of bits of wood and roots Hermann had found on a beach. Hermann was interested to see what could be made of the small bits of wood, and how he could highlight the warmth and soul typical of the material, even in tiny items like these. The result was a collection of wooden birds of different sizes, each with their own character and appearance determined by the natural grain of the wood. The adorable birds make delightful presents for children and adults alike, and each one is delivered in a lovely gift box.

Twirling Bird, M

Warm Nordic



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Oiled solid walnut

Jacob Hermann

Jacob Hermann was a Danish furniture designer who valued craftsmanship and had an innate love for wood. Even in his youth, Hermann loved wood as a material and worked as a carpenter’s apprentice before graduating as a furniture designer. Hermann was also a talented artist and studied painting at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

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