Marimekko’s Sukat Makkaralla stemware glass adds joy and character to any table setting. The wavy decoration of the glass gives the collection its delightful name and appearance.

Sukat Makkaralla ("Socks Rolled Down") is a series of glassware designed by Anu Penttinen for Marimekko in 2010. The collection has references to the traditions of Finnish glass design while simultaneously adding something completely new to it. Like a person with their socks rolled down, the Sukat Makkaralla glasses are natural and liberated, self-assured individuals.

Sukat Makkaralla stemware, clear




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Anu Penttinen

The Finnish designer and glassmaker Anu Penttinen (b. 1974) graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2002. In 2003 she founded her own design company, Nounou Design, specialized in handblown and unique art glass objects and later on also in glass objects in serial production. 

Also other materials such as textiles, wood and metal have been slowly incorporated into the selection. As a freelance designer, Anu Penttinen has contributed to the collections of different companies in Europe. Her most famous work is probably the Birds by Penttinen (2008) designed for Iittala. Iittala Birds were born in 1972. The first collection was designed by Professor Oiva Toikka, renowned for his unique contribution to Finnish art glass over the past half century, and grows every year with new pieces. Iittala Birds have become famous worldwide and have many collectors around the world. Iittala asked Anu Penttinen to design her own interpretation of Iittala birds and she created her own humorous version, getting the inspiration from the world of the cartoons and comic books. The birds she created are playful and charming, each one with its own personality. For Iittala she also designed the collection Vitriini (2010), colourful boxes to use as showcases to put one’s belongings, realized in glass, wood and aluminium.

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