Room Copenhagen's Lego Wooden figurine is inspired by classic yellow Lego minifigures. Made of oak wood, the figurine pays homage to the history of the classic toys: did you know that Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen was a carpenter and that the first Lego toys were actually wooden ducks, cars and yoyos? The Lego Wooden minifigure can be used as decoration or a toy as such, but it can also be customised in any way you like – let your imagination soar!

The figurine is handcrafted from oak, and it is equipped with adjustable plastic hands. The figurine comes with a selection of Lego bricks and instructions on using them to build little items for the figurine to hold. In addition, the set includes a 28-page leaflet that informs you of the history of Legos and offers inspiration for customising the wooden figurine.  The Lego Wooden minifigure is only available as a special, limited edition.

Lego Wooden minifigure, oak

Room Copenhagen



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Body: oak, hands: plastic, Lego elements: plastic
Oak, yellow