The Excel outdoor shower makes for the perfect finishing touch to a garden, pool area, sauna or beach. The shower is made of copper tube and has a sleek and luxurious look, and over time, its shade becomes beautifully patinated – of course, it is possible to polish the copper if you prefer to keep it as is.

Thanks to the innovative spiked structure, the Excel outdoor shower can be easily erected anywhere by pushing its spikes directly into the ground. It only takes a few minutes to assemble with no tools needed at all. The shower features a small drain tap at the bottom part for rinsing your feet or filling a watering can.

The Excel shower is best suited for users between 160 and 190 cm in height. If you want a lower or higher shower, please contact our Customer Service to order the suitable accessories.

Excel outdoor shower, copper




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Polished copper pipes, brass fittings with rubber gaskets