Serax's Cesira fruit basket is a unique piece by artist and blacksmith – and former professional dancer – Antonino Sciortino. The playful and eye-catching combination of straight lines and soft, curved shapes makes the Cesira basket not only a practical everyday essential but also an interesting and discussion-provoking work of art. The iron basket is both sculptural and attractively airy in appearance, and it is a perfect centrepiece to a table setting and a striking decorative object in its own right.

Cesira fruit basket, black




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Antonino Sciortino

Antonino Sciortino is an Italian artist known for his elaborate metalwork as well as his spectacular career as a dancer and choreographer. A native of Palermo, Italy, Sciortino began practising moulding metal at his brother's blacksmith's workshop when he was no older than eight, and even though the following decades took him in a different direction – dancing – Sciortino returned to the furnace at a more mature age. Sciortino's simple yet sophisticated metal sculptures draw inspiration from his career as a dancer and combine the heavy, rigid material with free-slowing movement in a fascinating way.

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