STOFF LED candles offer a carefree way of creating a cosy atmosphere in your home with their gently flickering electronic flame. A safer alternative to traditional candles, the STOFF LED candles are slimmer than most candles, making them a perfect fit for the classic STOFF Nagel candle holders. Thanks to the 3D patented flame by Uyuni Lighting, the candles twinkle just as invitingly as a regular candle would. Coated with paraffin wax, the candles also look misleadingly authentic.

STOFF LED candles are battery operated and their flame can also be controlled using a remote control that is available separately. The package includes two LED candles.

STOFF LED candles, 2 pcs, white

STOFF Copenhagen

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Virgin paraffin wax, plastic

Uyuni Lighting

Uyuni Lighting is known for its authentic-looking, gently flickering LED candles. The inspiration for both Uyuni’s products and name comes from the Salar de Uyuni salt desert in South America: thanks to the area's clean air and lack of light pollution, the night sky above it is clear and full of twinkling stars. Uyuni's LED candles help to keep the indoor air cleaner in the home – and, instead of starlight, infuse the space with lovely, twinkling candlelight.

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STOFF Copenhagen STOFF remote control for LED candles

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