Nedre Foss’ Måne bowl is a round wooden object characterised by curved lines and characteristic grain patterns of ash. You can use the wooden bowl for serving nuts or sweets as well as for storing small objects. The bowl’s smooth surface and soft, organic shapes make it an object that is equally pleasing to look at as well as to touch. It also makes a perfect gift idea.

Designed by the Norwegian duo Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll, the Måne bowl was inspired by tripod vessels used in many ancient cultures, and named after a Norwegian word for the moon. “There is something about a wooden bowl that makes us think of red apples. Red apples make us think of scrumping. And scrumping makes us think of the moon,” Anderssen describes the logic behind the design process.

Måne bowl, oilwaxed ash

Nedre Foss

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Solid ash wood finished with a food-safe wax oil made from natural organic ingredients.

Anderssen & Voll

After ten years of collaboration at the Oslo based Norway Says design company, founders Torbjørn Anderssen (born 1976) and Espen Voll (born 1965) have set about creating a new firm. Anderssen & Voll was launched in autumn 2009 and have quickly set about creating modern, clean designs for which they have become known for.

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