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The String Pocket collection by String Furniture features compact and elegant wall shelves in a range of colours. Introduced in 2005 to Nils Strinning’s iconic String collection from 1949, the String Pocket shelf pairs mid-century charm with a modern touch. Choose your favourite String Pocket or combine multiple shelves for a custom unit.

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The String Pocket shelf: Compact elegance for any space

Meet the String Pocket, a compact and elegant shelf solution, perfect for books, collectibles, and small items. Launched in 2005 by Swedish manufacturer String Furniture, this charming little shelf is part of the acclaimed collection designed by Nils Strinning in 1949. With its minimalist design and practicality, it enhances any space with mid-century modern style.

Versatile and stylish String Pocket

The String Pocket’s unique design features three shelves and two ladder-like side panels, offering versatility in both form and function. It can be expanded vertically or horizontally, fitting seamlessly into various interior styles. Available in a range of colours from classic and muted to fun and vibrant hues, the String Pocket shelf is suitable for multiple uses in diverse spaces.

Scandinavian designer shelves made in Sweden

Embodying the principles of sustainable and Scandinavian design, the String Pocket is more than just a shelf; it’s a testament to timeless design and environmental responsibility. The String Pocket shelf is manufactured by String Furniture in Sweden, showcasing authentic Swedish craftsmanship.

What makes the String Pocket shelf unique?

• Compact designer shelf: Ideal for small spaces, offering elegant storage solutions.
• Scandinavian aesthetics: Showcases classic mid-century modern Scandinavian design.
• Versatile use: Perfect as a small wall shelf, adaptable to various interior designs.
• Expandable system: Can be combined into larger units, both vertically and horizontally.
• Swedish design: Manufactured sustainably in Sweden.

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