HAY's Sobremesa Stripe cookie jar is a cheerful and attractive object created by Egyptian chef and artist Laila Gohar, designed to make cooking and dining an experiential affair. The beautiful, hand-painted jar equipped with a lid is suitable for both everyday settings and festive occasions, and it is easy to combine with other tableware sets as well. The unique Sobremesa jar also works as a decorative item when taking a break from being the adorned centre of the table setting – the functional vessel keeps small items in check without compromising on fun.
The Sobremesa collection, created in collaboration with Laila Gohar and HAY, is a true feast for the senses. The colourful and friendly objects invite you to transform a meal into something extraordinary. For Gohar, a meal is a story that involves much more than just eating; it is about carefully choosing the ingredients, preparing the food with thought and soul, setting the table, enjoying the meal with friends or family, and finally, Sobremesa – a moment linked to Spanish culture, where you linger around the table enjoying the atmosphere and life itself.

Sobremesa Stripe cookie jar, blue - yellow




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White, blue, yellow

Laila Gohar

Laila Gohar (b. 1988) is a New York-based chef and artist who has become known for her food-based artworks, such as butter sculptures, a brioche armchair and a tower made from thousands of marshmallows. Born in Egypt, Gohar moved to Miami at the age of 18 to study visual arts and international relations, after which she relocated to New York to work in restaurants while building her own catering business, Sunday Supper. Today, Studio Laila Gohar organizes interactive food installations, performances and pop-ups in well-known art, design and fashion events worldwide. Gohar has also designed a kitchen-themed collection for the Danish brand HAY.

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