Johanna Gullichsen's Selene cosmetics bag is decorated with a delicate yet attractive pattern that borrows its name from Selene, the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. The subtle but impressive pattern invites you to explore and examine – when admired from a close distance, the beauty of the skillfully woven fabric unravels in a whole new way. The Selene vanity case, made of sturdy, cotton upholstery fabric, is a convenient companion for travelling and it also beautifies the bathroom. The products are designed and woven in Finland.

Selene cosmetics bag, L, black

Johanna Gullichsen



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100% organic cotton

Johanna Gullichsen

Finnish textile designer Johanna Gullichsen was born in Somero, Finland and studied art history, literature and languages at the University of Helsinki before starting her weaving studies in Porvoo. Today she runs her own brand which is specialized in woven textiles for modern living. Gullichsen is inspired by handweaving and experimenting with different techniques, and that’s how most of her designs are born. In 2021, Johanna Gullichsen was awarded the Kaj Franck Design Prize, one of the most esteemed design awards in Finland.

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