Hem's Molino grinder blurs the line between the everyday object and sculptural decoration: the striped spice grinder happens to be both. Grinder's playful design and bright colours were inspired by the energy and vitality of designer Fabien Cappello's homeland, Mexico. The Molino spice grinder is made from solid beech and painted by hand which gives each piece a unique look and character. A glossy lacquer finish completes the sophisticated yet relaxed cheerful look. The Molino spice grinder brings life and joy to any table setting – this spice grinder is so much fun to use that food might be in danger of becoming too spicy!

Molino grinder, green - magenta




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Hand-painted beech
Green, magenta

 Fabien Cappello

French Fabien Cappello (s. 1984) is a furniture and product designer that has been shaking things up with his unique blend of creativity, technical know-how and an excellent eye for detail. He has studied at the University of Art and Design (ECAL) in Lausanne, Switzerland and at the Royal College of Art of London, where he graduated in 2009. The next year he founded his eponymous studio. Since 2016, Fabien has lived and worked in Mexico City.

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