Steamery's Cirrus No. 3 iron steamer is a handy tool for taking care of your clothes at home: it makes your garments soft and wrinkle-free quickly and efficiently without having to iron them. The hot steam not only smoothens and straightens but also removes odours and kills bacteria – less washing means less energy and water consumption, making steaming a sustainable way to freshen up your clothes.

The Cirrus No. 3 steamer is actually a hybrid: it both irons and steams, as it has a special ironing plate that heats up to the same temperature as the lowest level on an iron (140°C). Despite its small size, the iron steamer is very efficient, and it comes with a heat protection glove that makes using it even more easy and safe. Thanks to its convenient size and multifunctionality, the Cirrus No. 3 iron steamer is also easy to bring with you also on trips and travels.

Cirrus No.3 iron steamer, sage




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Recyclable heat resistant PC
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