HAY Crate side table, 49,5 x 49,5 cm, white
HAY Crate side table, 49,5 x 49,5 cm, white
HAY Crate side table, 49,5 x 49,5 cm, white

Crate side table, 49,5 x 49,5 cm, white


224.40€ 264.00€

Crate side table
224.40€ 264.00€

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The Crate side table is part of HAY’s collection of wooden outdoor furniture. The rectangular Crate table is characterised by its clean and balanced lines, which give the table an architectural and sturdy look. The side table matches perfectly with HAY's pine Crate chairs, but also steals the show as a companion to other patio furniture – or even on its own!

The Crate side table is based on the table designed by Dutch architect and designer Gerrit Thomas Rietveld in 1934. At that time, the table was made from leftover wooden shipping crates, but the Rietveld Originals and HAY reinterpretation uses lacquered pine as the material. Finished with a weatherproof coating, the Crate side table is ideal for outdoor spaces from the terrace to the garden and balcony.

49.5 cm
49.5 cm
45 cm
Lacquered pinewood
10 kg
The wood has been dried to a humidity specifically for outdoor use, which enables it to withstand outdoor conditions. Therefore, HAY recommends that it is only used outdoors to avoid risk of wood shrinkage.
Comes flat-packed.

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (b. 1888) was a Dutch furniture designer and architect, born in Utrecht, Netherlands. He is especially known for his pioneering work in the field of modern design and is considered one of the most important designers of the 20th century. One of Rietveld's most famous works is the Red and Blue Chair, which he designed in 1917. The chair has a simple geometric design that reflects Rietveld's interest in abstraction and simplicity. The Red and Blue chair is still one of the masterpieces of modernist design and is exhibited in many museums around the world. In addition to furniture, Rietveld also designed several important buildings, including his own home, the Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht.

Rietveld started his career as a carpenter but soon became interested in furniture design and architecture. He was a member of the De Stijl art movement, which sought to create a new, abstract art form that would reflect the modern world, and his work was heavily influenced by the main principles of this movement: simplicity, purity, and functionality.

Throughout his career, Rietveld remained committed to the principles of modernism as well as the use of new materials and technologies. His work continues to be influential today and is considered a cornerstone of modern design.

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