The Bread Book, published by Phaidon, takes a deep dive into the secrets of bread baking. With over 200 pages, the book covers the basics of breadmaking and introduces different types of flour and other key ingredients. The book's 60 bread recipes include easy-to-follow instructions with photos – and if you still can't get the hang of baking, don't worry: the book also has a handy help section that solves the most common bread-making problems. After reading The Bread Book, you sure will no longer think that bread is just bread!

In The Bread Book, Éric Kayser - founder of the legendary French bakery Maison Kayser and bestselling author of The Larousse Book of Bread makes baking bread from scratch both accessible and exciting.

Kayser begins with the fundamentals of bread-making, offering primers on traditional leavening techniques, types of flour, and essential ingredients, as well as a helpful glossary. Each recipe is explained with concise, easy-to-follow instructions, and includes prep, proofing, and baking times to aid with time management. Step-by-step photography demystifies the more complex breadmaking processes, and a handy troubleshooting section addresses common breadmaking dilemmas.

The Bread Book


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