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Worry-free shopping: extended returns until 31 January

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Armchairs & lounge chairs

When you’re choosing furniture for your living space, one or more comfortable modern armchairs or lounge chairs should be a top priority. While other seats like bar stools and chairs are all about functionality, lounge and armchairs are all about comfort and relaxation. At Finnish Design Shop you’ll find a wide range of both, including ultra-stylish Scandi armchairs from top designers. Get ready to sit back, unwind and add a touch of flair to your space.

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Find the ideal modern armchair for your home

Designer armchairs and lounge chairs embody the essence of relaxation and luxury, creating a sophisticated but unhurried atmosphere and providing the perfect space to unwind. Whether you’re looking for a chair for your living room, your bedroom or your study, it should invite you to take a break from the everyday grind, and to concentrate on what makes you feel good, whether that’s reading a good book, watching TV, knitting or taking a nap.

At Finnish Design shop, we offer a wide selection of Scandi armchairs and luxury lounge chairs that cater to every room and purpose. If you’re looking for something for the patio meanwhile, take a look at our selection of outdoor lounge chairs.

What’s the difference between a lounge chair and an armchair?

The main difference, as the name suggests, is that an armchair has arm rests to support your arms and elbows. These arms make them particularly comfortable for relaxing activities like reading or watching TV. Contemporary lounge chairs on the other hand do not have these arms, but their backs are generally reclined further, allowing for a more relaxed position.

How to choose an armchair or lounge chair

The best chairs strike the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetic design. Durability is also an important factor to keep in mind, as a well-designed modern armchair can be not only an exquisite addition to your space but also an investment that may be cherished for generations. One of the most important things to consider when buying any chair is what it’s made of. For the chair frame, we offer a range of options, including:

Wood – An armchair with a wooden frame is ideal if you want something durable that also has a traditional and natural-looking aesthetic.
Metal – As well as offering a more modern armchair look, metal frames are very strong and durable. This makes them ideal for households with a lot of wear and tear, such as those with young children.
Plastic – Plastic is also a good option where you need something that will withstand rough use. Plastic lounge chairs are also waterproof, corrosion-resistant and cost-effective.

Even more important is the material your designer armchair is upholstered in, as this will be the texture that you feel against your skin or clothes, and that is exposed to the outside world. Here there are two main materials to choose from:

Leather – For a luxury lounge chair look, leather is hard to beat. As well as being associated with luxury and looking classy, leather is particularly hardwearing and easy to wipe clean in the event of spills. Contemporary leather armchairs are also a good choice for allergy sufferers.
• Fabric – Furniture with fabric upholstery is generally softer and cosier. If you value comfort above all else, this could be the choice for you. Fabric armchairs are cost-effective option, and you’ll find many different designs here.

As well as bearing the above benefits of each of these types of chair in mind, you should consider how well it will fit with your existing furniture and décor. Leather for example can look great in modern minimalist living rooms, while fabric armchairs are good for homely environments.

Chairs come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from modernist armchairs with webbing to traditional Scandinavian style armchairs and modern swivel lounge chairs with a chic aesthetic.

Complement your contemporary lounge chair

To enhance your lounging experience further, you can complement your Scandi armchair with comfy poufs and ottomans. Side tables and coffee tables meanwhile provide convenient surfaces for your essentials. For an added touch of style, decorative cushions and cushion covers can be used to personalise and spice up your chair, reflecting your unique taste.

Designer armchairs and lounge chairs from top global names

We are proud to present a curated range of designer armchairs spanning various decades of modern design. Our collection includes classics from the mid-century era as well as fresh, contemporary designs, so there's something for everyone. Explore our carefully curated selection and discover international design icons that have revolutionized the industry. Immerse yourself in the visionary creations of Eero Aarnio, such as the Ball Chair and Bubble Chair from the 1960s, or get ready to relax with the popular Fatboy bean bag chairs or exquisite Sika-Design rattan chairs.

Get inspired by armchairs and lounge chairs

When shopping for a new luxury lounge chair, you can discover a world of inspiration at our online magazine Design Stories. Immerse yourself in captivating reads and discover new ideas for stylish armchairs and designer lounge chairs from contemporary brands. Here are just a few articles to inspire you:

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