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Vitra's clocks add your home a combination of bold, distinctive design and strong technical quality. An authentic Vitra clock is a true eye-catcher and design object that stands the test of time for years to come. Discover our beautiful selection and find the legendary mid-century Vitra clocks in a range of models and colours!

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Channel happy with a Vitra clock

Bursting with positive energy and character, a decorative Vitra clock from the Finnish Design Shop collection will turn a blank wall into an upbeat eye-catching space – that’s useful too.  

With their expressive retro vibe, Vitra clocks add character and dynamism to the modern home, just as they did in their original context of 1950s America. Vitra wall clocks and night clocks channel pure delight through their bold colours and iconic geometric forms. Vitra clocks are elevated through the quality of their materials like cherry wood and brass, and their reliable high-quality quartz movements. 

History of the range

The clocks were originally designed by the office of George Nelson in the 40s and 50s. Vitra, the Danish manufacture famous for its chairs, began reissuing some of the Vitra clock designs in 1999. Nelson noticed that people had a habit of glancing at the arms of a clock more than the numbers, to tell them time so he designed beautiful numberless clocks. This is a common feature across a range although the forms span a wonderful breadth of different shapes drawn from many sources of inspiration. These are icons of mid-century design that retain their freshness and relevance today.

Iconic Vitra wall clocks

Discover some of the heroes of this legendary range:

Vitra sunburst clock: Designed in 1949, the black wood and brass Vitra sunburst clock looks beautiful hung against darker or rich colours like burnt orange or deep blue. Lean it on a windowsill for a casual vibe in a modern space.

Vitra eye clock: A stunning decorative item in its own right, the arms of the sculptural Vitra eye clock point to its metal eyelashes to show the time. A wonderful, dreamy feature for a living room, hang it centrally above a sofa or sideboard for instant cool.

Vitra asterisk clock: The punchy shape of the Vitra asterisk clock gives it a loveable boldness. This Vitra wall clock is easy to hang, and its brass face looks wonderful gleaming out from a darker wall or corner.

Enjoy quality time with a Vitra night clock

Nelson also designed a series of night clocks in striking shapes and high-end materials like walnut and brass. These smaller timepieces introduce sophisticated delight into your workspace or onto your bedside table. Extremely reliable timekeepers, Vitra night clocks are special items that make a wonderful gift – to yourself or someone special. 

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