A well-designed shelf combines storage with aesthetics. Shelves are perfect solutions for home storage because they can fit in even the most limited spaces, as well as be used as floor-to-ceiling storage systems or room dividers. Find beautiful Scandinavian wall shelves, bookcases and modular shelving units at Finnish Design Shop!

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Well-designed shelves combine storage with aesthetics. Shelves are essential for home storage because they can fit into the most limited spaces, offer floor-to-ceiling or wall storage, and can even be used as stylish room dividers. At Finnish Design Shop, discover a collection of wall shelves, bookcases, and modular shelving units that will fulfill your storage needs and help you create an elegant home.

Designer shelves for a stylish home with clean modern lines

Our designer shelves enhance your home decoration and can be cherished for years to come. At Finnish Design Shop, whether you're looking for small, decorative wall shelves, full-size bookcases, or modular shelving systems, we've got you covered! You’ll find shelves to suit your lifestyle and storage needs and help you achieve open, clutter-free spaces.

Things to consider when choosing shelves:

What you plan to store on your shelves The type of room the shelves are for: bathroom, kitchen, office, living room, or bedroom The amount of space available in the room: floor and wall space Leaving extra shelf space to avoid an overloaded appearance Leaving free space on either side of the shelf system to avoid cluttered rooms

If you're hoping to add extra storage space on a wall or showcase some of your favorite objects, opt for wall shelves with an open design. If you need to store even more of your favorite books, tableware, blankets, or storage boxes, browse through our selection of closed shelves and bookcases.

Whichever you choose, you're sure to find high-quality designer shelves for both small and large spaces, as well as shelves suitable for the home office. Many of our designers offer shelves that are assorted with other items from their furniture and office furniture collections. If you’re new to interior design, choosing assorted pieces from a single designer or design brand can help you achieve a harmonious ambiance.

If you need adaptable shelving that can be expanded or reduced when needed, our modular shelving units by String Furniture and Montana Furniture are excellent choices. Our wide collection of Scandinavian designer shelves gives you multiple options in terms of colors, materials, styles, and sizes.

Luxury shelves in natural wood, metal, and new materials

Modern wood shelves create a warm and inviting interior and are integral to Nordic interior design – our selection includes classic and contemporary wooden shelves by Scandinavian brands like Artek, Lundia, Audo Copenhagen, Muuto, and Hay.

In addition to fine wood shelves in lacquered and unlacquered oak, walnut, and birch, you’ll find many other high-quality shelves in stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, and melamine; and several shelving systems that mix steel and wood for an airy structure. Many of these robust and beautiful natural materials only improve with age. As an example of shelves with a mix of materials, check out the Danish design brand Woud’s shelves in oak and black metal. The brand also designs other assorted furniture with black metal details, including armchairs and coffee tables.