Åsa Pärson

Åsa Pärson is a Swedish textile designer and artist. She has studied at Borås University, which is known specifically for its education in the field of textiles, and at Stockholm University of Arts, Crafts and Design. After her studies, Pärson toured the world and travelled to Istanbul, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal, among others, to learn more about the manufacturing methods and materials typical of each region.

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Pärson's interest in weaving and textile design began with being inspired by Persian and Oriental rugs. In addition, she often finds inspiration for her work in the world of architecture. When designing patterns, Pärsön strives to emphasise the characteristics of each material and create timeless, reduced patterns from which all unnecessary details have been stripped away. In addition to design work, Pärson has also lectured on weaving at Konstfack University.