Marimekko's Oiva jar is a stylish large container made of glass and decorated with the iconic Unikko pattern designed by Maija Isola. The freshly greenish glass jar is a delightful storage solution for the bathroom, home office as well as the kitchen. The airtight cork lid ensures that flour, pasta, coffee, and other dry ingredients are well protected. Without the lid, the jar also serves as a flower vase. 

The Oiva Jar is a part of the Marimade collection which celebrates everyday life and its peculiar moments. The multifunctional and ecological products are made of upcycled leftover material from Marimekko's production. Oiva jars are made from recycled glass by mouth-blowing. Due to the manufacturing process, there may be slight differences between the jars – which means that each handmade jar is completely unique.

Oiva - Unikko jar, large, recycled glass - cork


47.00 €


2–3 weeks


Recycled glass, glass, cork
Pale green clear, cork