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Kartell chairs delight with a fresh take on Italian design. Our range of Kartell chairs combine innovative forms and materials with genius historical references in unique colours. Have a look at our selection of Kartell style chairs and find yours at Finnish Design Shop!

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Manufacturer: Kartell

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The design genius of Kartell chairs

At the intersection of distinctive form, modern materials and iconic design, Kartell chairs offer a new perspective on modern Italian style. Choose these attractive, accommodating chairs to create elevated spaces with character and a sense of joy.

Kartell Italian design studio is committed to producing high-quality, beautiful chairs in modern materials, imbued with an eternal beauty. The ethos of the Italian studio revolves around design, beauty and innovation. Its development of modern materials and design processes mean Kartell style chairs are often lightweight and stackable, making them a practical choice too.

Find famous chairs from the Kartell studio

From the iconic transparent Kartell Louis Ghost Chair to the natural, dynamic Kartell Masters Chair designed by Phillippe Starck, our selection of beautiful Kartell chairs will work well in any home. Historical references fused with modern sustainable materials offer up versatile style that enhances both minimalist and maximalist interiors. 

Commit to delight with Kartell lighting & furniture

Although famous for its chairs, Kartell also produces lighting and furniture ranges. If you love the ethos of the studios chairs, why not easily refresh the lighting in your home with Kartell colorful pendant lights and fun lamps – which also pay tribute historical design. Its easy to create a distinctive, usable space with fun, colorful or transparent furniture like curved feature shelving, curved storage units, funky side tables and stools that are all bound to delight you on a daily basis. 


Where are Kartell chairs made?

Kartell designs and manufactures its chairs at its headquarters in Milan, Italy. The design also has a design museum in Milan which looks back and celebrates its commitment to design and innovation. 

Is the Kartell Masters chair comfortable?

The Kartell Masters chair has a comfortable wide, shaped seat, and is perfect for shorter periods of seating, for example at a dining table. It’s made from a hard material so is not designed for very long periods of sitting.