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One or more comfortable armchairs or lounge chairs should be a top priority when furnishing your living space. While seats like bar stools and dining chairs are more about functionality, modern lounge chairs and armchairs are all about comfort. At Finnish Design Shop you’ll find a wide range of Scandi armchairs from top designers. Get ready to relax!

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Designer lounge chairs: Find the ideal modern armchair for your home

Designer armchairs and lounge chairs embody the essence of relaxation and luxury, creating a sophisticated but unhurried atmosphere and providing the perfect space to unwind. Whether you're looking for a chair for your living room, your bedroom or your study, it should invite you to take a break from the everyday grind and concentrate on what makes you feel good, whether that's reading a good book, watching TV, knitting or taking a nap.

At Finnish Design Shop, we offer a wide and relaxing selection ranging from down-to-earth Scandi armchairs to high-end luxury lounge chairs, catering to every room and purpose. Our lounge chairs come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from modernist armchairs with webbing to traditional armchairs and swivel lounge chairs with a chic aesthetic.

If you're looking for something for the patio meanwhile, take a look at our selection of outdoor lounge chairs.

Designer armchairs and lounge chairs from top global names

We are proud to present a curated range of designer armchairs spanning various decades of modern design. Our collection includes classic Scandi armchairs, mid-century lounge chairs as well as fresh, contemporary lounge chair designs, so there's something for everyone.

Explore our carefully curated selection and discover international design icons that have revolutionized the industry. Immerse yourself in the visionary creations of Eero Aarnio, such as the Ball Chair and Bubble Chair from the 1960s, or get ready to relax with the legendary Eames lounge chairs or exquisite Sika-Design rattan chairs.

What's the difference between a lounge chair and an armchair?

The main difference, as the name suggests, is that an armchair always has armrests to support your arms and elbows. These arms make them particularly comfortable for relaxing activities like reading or watching TV. Contemporary lounge chairs, on the other hand, do not necessarily have these arms. Their backs are also often reclined slightly further, allowing for a more relaxed position.

5 tips for choosing the perfect designer armchair

Modern armchairs blend unparalleled comfort with stylish and enduring design. A well-crafted designer lounge chair is an investment that endures from one generation to the next.

1. Consider the purpose: Start by thinking about the intended use of the armchair. Is it a plush oasis for your reading nook, the centrepiece of your living room, or a relaxation spot in your office? The purpose will dictate the size, shape, and even the material of the lounge chair.

2. Get the size right: The size of the space greatly influences which armchair design to choose. In a larger area, you can boldly opt for generous, tall, eye-catching lounge chairs, while smaller spaces are better suited to more slender, low and lightweight models – perhaps even a foldable armchair.

3. Choose your style: An armchair always interacts with the rest of the decor. Whether your style is modern, Scandinavian, eclectic, or something entirely different, select an armchair that complements the space's overall look.

4. Maximize comfort: Think about your preferred relaxation posture and whether you desire your chair to envelop you in softness or offer a firmer form. Also, consider whether a swivel function or an adjustable backrest would enhance your new armchair.

5. Complete the look: The perfect companion for an armchair is, of course, a comfy footstool or perhaps a laid-back bean bag. Side tables and coffee tables also pair well with armchairs, and you can brighten up the chair with various decorative cushions.

Scandinavian lounge chairs in a range of materials

Quality armchairs are naturally made from top-notch materials, which play a pivotal role in both the appearance and the comfort of the chair. Some of our most popular material options for Scandinavian-style armchairs include:

Leather: For the ultimate luxury lounge chair look, leather is hard to beat. Its maintenance and cleaning are straightforward, and over time, the leather upholstery develops a patina, becoming even more comfortable. Contemporary leather armchairs are also a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Fabric: Fabric armchairs delight with their colours, patterns, and soft touch. You can choose upholstery materials such as cotton, linen, velvet, or wool.

Rattan: Rattan is a lightweight and durable natural material that creates a cosy, nature-inspired ambience. Rattan armchairs are particularly well-suited to Scandinavian decor.

Wood: Wooden armchairs charm with their sturdy, warm and organic feel. Wood can be used in the lounge chair's frame as well as in the armrests, beautifully complementing various upholstery materials.

Plastic: Plastic armchairs offer modern and bold design solutions. Plastic is lightweight, durable, and easy to care for, allowing for a playful variety of colours and shapes.

Metal: Metal armchairs exude strength and industrial elegance. Metal can be used in both the chair's frame and upholstery, fitting particularly well with modern and minimalist styles.

Get inspired by armchairs and lounge chairs

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