Published by Kehrer Verlag, Peggy Anderson: The Morning Dip provides a joyful overview of the authentic Swedish morning swim culture. Photographer Peggy Anderson’s large film photographs feature happy Swedes refreshed by the sea in their multicoloured bathrobes, towels and swimsuits. The collection of photographs is complemented by texts in English.

The small coastal village of Torekov, Sweden, is known for both its local pier, »Morgonbryggan, « and for the associated daily ritual of a morning dip in the sea. Locals and summer guests are avid disciples of this sacred ritual which can be both solitary and social. There are unwritten codes of behavior related with this activity, including the most visually obvious, the selection of one’s bathrobe. Through the slow and repetitive process of working with a large format film camera, the photographer Peggy Anderson has gained insight into this community, her native country and her own place within it. The Morning Dip project has been exhibited in Torekov and at Fotografiska, Stockholm. Peggy Anderson is a photographer based in New York and Sweden, currently living in Paris.

Peggy Anderson: The Morning Dip

Kehrer Verlag

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Peggy Anderson, Lyle Rexer
Peggy Anderson

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