Nichba's black wine rack is a modern storage solution for your favourite wine bottles and sparkling wines. The bottle rack is so minimalist and airy that it looks like it's only floating on the wall, almost defying gravity. Designed by Nichlas Bjørn Andersen, the wine rack is made of steel and fits perfectly in the wine cellar, kitchen or dining room. It's also a great gift idea for other wine enthusiasts! The wine rack has five shelves and space for ten wine bottles.

Wine rack, black


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70 cm

Nichlas Bjørn Andersen

Nichlas B. Andersen is a Danish designer, metalworker and founder of the design company Nichba, which specialises in bent steel products. Working with metal was an obvious choice for Andersen, and Nichba allows him to combine his blacksmith skills and his passion for minimalist Scandinavian design. ”When you focus on shape and functionality itself, you peel off all the redundant design layers and end up with a modern, sophisticated, and timeless design,” Andersen sums up his design philosophy.

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