The PAIKKA Slow Feed bowl is a minimalist anti-glutton bowl for dogs who tend to devour their food a bit too quickly. The 3D heart shape in the centre of the bowl forces the pet to eat from the edges and work a bit for their food, slowing them down considerably. On the other hand, the design is also beneficial for pets that are not that interested in food: mental stimulation makes eating more enjoyable for the dog.

The Slow Feed bowl is handmade from a unique cooling ceramic that stays cool for up to hours, making the food stay fresh for longer and reducing bacterial growth. Before using the bowl, soak it in cold water for 45 seconds to activate the cooling properties. The Slow Feed bowl is also well suited for defrosting raw pet food. What’s more, the bowl is machine washable; however, make sure that the bowl cannot move during washing.

Slow Feed bowl XS, black


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Black, white

Simon Stevens

Simon Stevens studied ceramics graduating from Staffordshire University in 1991. He has worked for the most prestigious ceramic manufactures in the world and fought ceramics throughout the UK. Since 2009 he has been working from his own studio based in London. Stevens gets inspired by our interaction with everyday objects and designs familiar products, which are a pleasure to use as well as watch.

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