Line candleholder designed in 1983 continues Mogens Lassen’s collection of geometric shapes, which Kubus candleholder started in 1962. The minimalistic Line candleholder is based on mathematical precise lines. Both Kubus and Line are manufactured in Denmark and they have achieved the status of a design icon. Available in different colours.

Line candleholder, black

by Lassen

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Painted steel

Mogens Lassen

The Danish architect Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) was a pioneer of Danish functionalism. In 1927 he left to work for an engineering company, but he did not enjoy the work nor speak French. Paris however changed Lassen’s view on architecture and when he returned to Denmark he established his own studio. 

Along with working in architecture Lassen also designed furniture and other objects, and his Kubus candlestick has become an icon of Danish design. Lassen started designing the first Kubus long before it was first produced in 1962 - the Kubus candlesticks were not put on the market, and Lassen gave them to family members and friends. The grandchildren and grand-grandchildren of Lassen established the design company By Lassen in 2008 to honor the work of Mogens Lassen and his brother Flemming Lassen.

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