Ainutlaatuinen Saaristomeri Baltic Herrings glass art, large
Ainutlaatuinen Saaristomeri Baltic Herrings glass art, large
Ainutlaatuinen Saaristomeri Baltic Herrings glass art, large

Baltic Herrings glass art, large

Ainutlaatuinen Saaristomeri

362.00€ 557.00€

Ainutlaatuinen Saaristomeri
Baltic Herrings glass art
362.00€ 557.00€


The Baltic Herrings glass artwork by Juhani and Pirkko Salovaara depicts a group of small fish swimming in the Archipelago Sea and reminds about the importance of protecting fragile marine areas. The beautiful, transparent artwork is mounted slightly off the wall with included fittings, so that the engraved fish will cast shadows on the wall and create an impression of a herring school floating in the depths of the sea. You can also place it free-standing on a wall shelf, for example. The product has been manufactured by the Finnish company Kaune, and 100 euros of the proceeds will go directly to the Unique Archipelago Sea operation.

Finnish Design Shop’s Archipelago Sea collection resulted from an initiative of the Unique Archipelago Sea (Ainutlaatuinen Saaristomeri) operation. Well-known Finnish designers have contributed to this unique collection aimed at protecting Finland’s Archipelago Sea. Consisting of more than 41,000 islands, the Archipelago Sea is one of the richest natural areas in Finland in terms of biodiversity, but continuous eutrophication is a serious threat to its future. Part of the collection's proceeds will be directed to a program for recycling nutrients in the Archipelago Sea. All products are handmade in Finland and only available at Finnish Design Shop.

100 cm
55 cm
4 stainless steel fittings included

Juhani & Pirkko Salovaara

Juhani and Pirkko Salovaara are an artist and designer couple based in Naantali, Finland. Industrial designer, Professor and sculptor Juhani Salovaara (b. 1943) graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 1967 and was one of the founding members of the design agency Ergonomiadesign, known today as ED Design. He has received the Industrial Designer of the Year award in 2003 and the Kaj Franck Design Prize in 2016. Visual artist Pirkko Salovaara (b. 1958) is known especially for her aquarelle paintings. In 2016, she was awarded as the Artist of the Year by Turun Sunnuntaimaalarit.

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