Arabia’s Pastoraali plate is adorned with the organic pattern Esteri Tomula designed in 1965. Pastoraali, featuring human characters among flowers, leaves and birds, was given a deep shade of blue since the new silk screen-printing technique allowed the use of bright colours. The rich pastoral landscapes have been printed on white, clean-lined ceramic tableware.

Pastoraali plate 24 cm




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Vitro porcelain
White, blue, black

Esteri Tomula

Esteri Tomula was a Finnish artist who worked for the design brand Arabia for almost 40 years. She graduated from University of Art and Design Helsinki in 1947, and began working as a decorator for Arabia the same year. Tomula was particularly known for abundantly decorated, expertly drawn designs often based on the natural world. During her long and productive career, Tomula designed many beloved decorations, including the ones adorning the Vegeta enamel pots by Finel and the Botanica wall plates by Arabia.

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