Georg Jensen's Nendo tealight holder charms with its stunningly beautiful appearance which has been inspired by nature and natural soft curves and elements. The Nendo candleholder is made of stainless steel, which is polished silver and shiny – the reflective surface creates an eye-catching combination with the vivid glow of the flames. The tealight holder is delightful on its own, but it is also easy to combine with other candleholders and vases from the Nendo collection to create stunning installations.

Nendo tealight holder, stainless steel

Georg Jensen



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Stainless steel
Stainless steel

Oki Sato

Japanese designer and architect Oki Sato was born in 1977 in Toronto, Canada, and has since lived and worked in Japan. He studied architecture at Waseda University in Tokyo and founded the design studio Nendo after graduation in 2002. Oki Sato has received multiple awards and recognitions: in 2012 he was named the Designer of the Year by Wallpaper magazine and he has also won the Good Design Award, the German Design Award and the Elle Deco International Design Award, among others. Oki Sato has worked with Starbucks, Puma and Cappellini.

Oki Sato is inspired by Japanese clearness and his design style can be described as soft and minimalist. His aim is to change the way people interact with the objects around them, and his work often includes small details that evoke memories and thoughts – fragments of people's lives.

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