Arabia’s Huvila bowl is adorned with delicate pink flowers drawn by Heini Riitahuhta. Huvila is Finnish for a villa, and the nostalgic floral pattern breathes the atmosphere of warm childhood summers at grandma’s house. With influences from the 1920’s decorative motifs, the contemporary Huvila collection continues Arabia’s decorating tradition in a charming manner.

Huvila bowl 13 cm




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White, rose

Heini Riitahuhta

Heini Riitahuhta (b. 1975) is a Finnish designer who graduated from the ceramics and glass department of the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2002. During the same year she received the Honorable mention in Mino, Japan. Heini Riitahuhta expresses her artistry with decorative unique works. The same decoration motives appear in her serial production objects.

Her journey in Arabia started as a result of her diploma work, Helmi light. Now Heini Riitahuhta works at the Arabia Art Department. She is also the chairman of the Art Department Society. Heini Riitahuhta’s most popular work is the tableware Runo designed for Arabia. Runo are beautifully decorated dishes for which the artist was inspired by the different Finnish seasons. The dishes are named Summer Ray, Autumn Glow, Winter Star and Spring Drop. The decoration varies in different parts creating tableware poetry.

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