Nikari’s Biennale is a striking stool that celebrates the natural beauty of wood. Each piece is unique since the cube-shaped stool features distinctive wood grain, annual rings and cracks. The Biennale stool, designed by Kari Virtanen, is crafted from oak and treated with natural oil mixture. The Biennale stool, part of Nikari's Arte collection, functions as a minimalist seat, nightstand and decorative object.

Nikari products are made in Finland using only certified wood.

Biennale stool


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Oil waxed oak
32–35 cm

Kari Virtanen

Kari Virtanen (b. 1948) is a Finnish carpenter who with his hard-working attitude has gained his place as one of the most recognised wooden furniture experts. In 1967 Virtanen founded Nikari, a company producing high-quality wooden furniture.

Virtanen has been awarded the Finnish State Design Award in 2005, the Pro Finlandia Medal in 2009 and the Kaj Franck Design Prize in 2022.

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