The Anglepoise Original 1227 desk lamp is an elegant British architect lamp designed by George Carwardine back in 1935. The Original 1227 desk lamp pairs charming vintage aesthetics of the 1930s with surprisingly modern, sleek lines. The lamp has also been designed to stand the test of time for decades to come – every Anglepoise lamp comes with a lifetime warranty.

Thanks to its rotating, smoothly moving arm and adjustable shade, the Original 1227 lamp is ideal as a desk lamp in the office or workroom, and its streamlined silhouette works equally well also in a living room or bedroom. The Original 1227 desk lamp has a painted high-gloss surface, chrome-plated details and a fabric-covered cord.

Original 1227 desk lamp, linen white




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Gloss painted aluminium, cast iron base with steel cover
Natural white

George Carwardine

George Carwardine (1887–1947) was an English engineer who began his career in the automotive industry and, through many twists and turns, ended up as a lighting designer. His breakthrough invention was a desk lamp named Anglepoise, which was based on an innovative four-spring tension mechanism. Carwardine’s business grew quickly from a small-scale backyard workshop into an international lighting company, Anglepoise. During his career, Carwardine developed many variations of his tension spring lamps – the best known is still his first design, the Original 1227, which was released in 1932.

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