Tapio Anttila Collection’s Jat-ko workstation charms with its simple look and great adaptability. Suitable for both sitting and standing, the wooden workstation has been designed especially for home offices and remote work, helping you to separate work from leisure time. When you’re done with work, you can simply close the lid of the table and forget about everything related to work.

The Jat-ko workstation can be characterised as a modern interpretation of traditional writing desks. Equipped with gas springs, the desk has an openable lid and a foldable worktop on the front. When used as a standing workstation, the height of the worktop is 100 cm, and the included wooden support allows you to raise the height to 112 cm. When working seated, the worktop height is 72 cm.

Jat-ko workstation, oak

Tapio Anttila Collection



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Lacquered oak
92 cm

Tapio Anttila

Tapio Anttila (b. 1962) is an award-winning Finnish interior architect and furniture designer whose timeless, unassuming style is deeply rooted in Finnish design tradition – yet with a modern, boundary-pushing approach. Having graduated as an interior architect in 1994, Anttila worked as an in-house designer for the Finnish Isku Interior before founding his own design agency Tapio Anttila Design in 2005. Anttila has designed furniture and products for the likes of Lundia, Showroom Finland and Maze, and in 2016, he founded his very own furniture brand Tapio Anttila Collection.

Tapio Anttila’s favourite material is wood, particularly Finnish wood. He often strives to find new ways to use and work with wood in his design work, whether it be solid wood, bent wood veneer or even birchbark. Wood is connected to Nordic traditions and closeness to nature but is also a very eco-friendly choice for a material – sustainability is one of Anttila’s guiding principles as a designer.

Anttila has been awarded the 2018 Kaj Franck Prize and the internationally acclaimed Good Design Award, the latter numerous times! In addition, he has been awarded the Finnish Furniture Designer of the Year 2012 award and the international Top Designer Award 2017.

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