The Lintex A01 glass writing board, designed by Afteroom, challenges our conception of office whiteboards with its sophisticated, distinct design. The modern memo board comprises a simple oak wood frame and a glass sheet with a magnetic round shape placed in the middle; the composition looks almost like an abstract painting or an art poster. The A01 noticeboard is made of tempered, low-iron glass that is completely transparent without the greenish tint of regular glass – therefore, the geometric form looks as if floating freely within the frames. Thanks to the unique design, the A01 glassboard is also ideal for home office use.

Please note that a glassboard requires stronger magnets than a regular whiteboard.

A01 glassboard, 100 x 100 cm, round, shy




1–2 months


Glass, solid oak, steel plate
Grey, oak


The Stockholm-based design studio Afteroom was established by the designers Hung-Ming Chenin and Chen-Yen Wein. In their design process Afterroom is an advocate for time: the aim is to create products that are beautiful, timelessly trendy, and grow their value throughout time - products that we want to grow old together with. The designers get their inspiration from forms, senses, balance, materials and culture. Afteroom believes in the simplicity and honesty of design. 

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