HAY’s Colour Cabinet combines a sleek and functional design with strong, dynamic colours. The cabinet is crafted from sturdy Valchromat panels made from certified wood, and its surface is enlivened by small wood fibres. This wall-mounted open cabinet can be used, for example, for storing books, tableware as well as office supplies in any room you like.

Designed by the Belgian duo Muller Van Severen, the Colour Cabinet collection consists of free-standing and wall-mounted cabinets in various sizes and models. Each piece of the collection is characterised by the bold use of colours, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood-based material and creating intriguing contrasts with the simple design. The Colour Cabinet series is designed for both home use as well as offices and public spaces. You can also combine different cabinets to create stunning, unique colour schemes in various environments.

Colour Cabinet, wall, 60 cm, multicolour


7931,00 NOK


1–2 months


Indigo blue, dark brown, dark mint, yellow, plaster grey
60 cm

Muller Van Severen

Muller Van Severen, founded in 2011, is a collaboration of two Belgian designers, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, balancing somewhere between art and design. The two are known for their sculptural and interesting designs that convey their love for carefully selected high-quality materials – which often are the starting point for the duo’s designs. Although careful research is essential for Muller Van Severen, the duo's designs are often so minimalistic and simple, naive even, that one could easily think they were sketched up completely intuitively.

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