Marimekko’s Rukinlapa bag is adorned with Antti Kekki’s pattern comprising plant motifs and silhouettes of distaffs, traditional tools used for spinning. Made by a paper-cutting technique, the ornamental plant patterns combine into large, abundant vines. The Rukinlapa tote bag is made of cotton and is your trusted companion on all trips from shopping to hobbies.

Pieni Rukinlapa bag, dark blue - olive - cotton




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100% cotton
Dark blue, olive green, beige

Antti Kekki

Antti Kekki is a graphic designer and illustrator who is especially known for his abstract works in bold hues. Kekki executes many of his works using the collage technique, in which he composes interesting and often even improvised ensembles from various shapes he has cut out of paper. Antti Kekki lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

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