John Tree

British designer John Tree, based in London, boasts a dynamic career in product and furniture design. His work has garnered well-deserved recognition, gracing the pages of numerous international publications. Moreover, John Tree has achieved several prestigious design awards such as the Red Dot and the iF Design Award.

John Tree has designed pieces for the following brands:

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Tree's professional journey began at Kingston University, and from there, he gained valuable experience at FM Design. However, it was his tenure at the Sony Design team that truly marked a turning point. John contributed his design expertise across different locations, including Tokyo, San Francisco, and London.

Subsequently, he made a significant move by joining Jasper Morrison's studio but in 2016, embarked on an exciting venture by establishing his own design office. Today, he adeptly juggles his time between Jasper's studio and his personal workspace, where he fearlessly pushes the boundaries of industrial processes working with a variety of clients from Epson to HAY. In this creative space, John crafts an array of designs, spanning contract and domestic furniture, lighting, accessories, and cutting-edge electronics.