Carl Philip Bernadotte

Carl Philip Bernadotte (b. 1979) is the Prince of Sweden. He studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design in the USA and at the Forsbergs School in Sweden. At the Rhode Island School of Design, Carl Philip Bernadotte worked on a museum identity design project – a competition for Martha’s Vineyard Museum’s logo – and with his logo representing a lighthouse design he won the competition. 

Carl Philip Bernadotte has designed pieces for the following brands:

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In 2009 Carl Philip Bernadotte designed the silver cutlery line CPB 2091 for the Swedish company Mema/GAB. With CPB 2091 the designer has drawn a modern icon for the set table. Inspiration is gathered from international cities and architecture. The design exhibits exciting symmetry and lets the material speak for itself. The cutlery’s elegant shape combines the beautiful and aesthetic with functional simplicity. CPB 2091 is easy to recognize because the knife, fork and spoon share the characteristically exact rounded shape. In 2010 the designer created a new piece for the collection, a water glass made of silver.  The silver cutlery is the first product to be launched under the brand name CPB. The numbers 2091 stands for the year and the model 1. CPB 2091 has become an international success and is represented at the National Museum’s design archives.