Karakter's 5-in-1 glass set includes five pieces of drinking glasses, designed by Italian designer Joe Colombo in the 1970s. The drinking glasses originally had their own uses: the set contains a cognac glass, a white wine glass, a red wine glass, a grappa glass and a water glass. However, it is entirely up to the drinker to decide which liquid to pour into which – and if wanted, glasses can also serve as dessert bowls and, of course, as part of a charming table setting of different types of dinnerware!

The shape of the glasses is not only aesthetic but also a practical choice. The set of mouth-blown glasses conveniently stacks inside each other, so the beautiful drink glass set also saves space, especially in smaller kitchens where the storage space is kept to a minimum.

5-in-1 glass set, clear




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Mouth-blown lead-free crystal glass

Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo (1930–1971) was an Italian industrial designer who became known for his futuristic style and interest for multi-functional, modular systems. After studying painting and architecture in Milan, Colombo worked actively as a painter and sculptor before starting his career as an industrial designer in the 1950s.

His best known works include minimalist lamps designed for Italian lightning company Oluce and the plastic Boby storage trolley. His work has been exhibited at many museums, such as New York’s MoMA.

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