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Saskia Huebner

Saskia Huebner – or Hübner in its German form – graduated in 2016 from the Münster School of Design. Her studies in Interdisciplinary Design focused on different environments of use and design's place in society, as well as the effects these may have on the design work itself.

Hübner hails from Germany, but moved to Copenhagen after graduation to work for Normann Copenhagen – she worked as a Senior Designer in the brand's own design team for four years before deciding to focus on her own design agency.

Saskia Huebner has designed pieces for the following brands:

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Saskia Hübner's design is characterised by minimalist aesthetics and a certain harmony of forms. Due to her educational background, she is interested in everyday functionality, especially in relation to the environments in which the objects might eventually be used. She often seeks inspiration for her design work from just that, everyday life, and from the ways that various objects are used and viewed in the midst of it. Hübner also likes to challenge and question existing designs: why does an object look the way it does?