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Pia Chevalier

Artist and designer Pia Chevalier is known for her creations that blur the boundaries of design and art. In her works, everyday objects and elements take on new, playful and imaginative forms. Chevalier's work is guided by the ethos of "expect the unexpected" – she wants to leave room for intuition and spontaneous decisions, and ultimately to let the material dictate how it should be shaped.

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Having used steel, brass and copper as well as textiles and ceramics in her works, Chevalier knows and appreciates each material's unique characteristics, tendencies and so-called flaws, allowing them to help in determining the final result. She believes that patina or wear-and-tear are not only natural aspects but also essential in the appeal of many objects. Although intended for use in everyday life, her works are also unique or produced in small editions to explore and question the border of art and design.